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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton

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Andrea Matus deMeng

Andrea Matus deMeng

June 13 & 14, 2014 with Andrea
9:30 to 4:30
Single Workshop $240/person
after April 30, 2014 - $290/person
San Juan Island Grange in Friday Harbor

Both Mythological Icons and Wand of Protection workshops

June 13-16, 2014 - $440/person

Mythological Icons


The artist’s ability through the use of powerful imagery and cultural symbols to take an “ordinary” image and elevate it to something otherwordly is rather divine. You may choose an existing mythological god or goddess as your inspiration, or perhaps create one of your own to serve as your muse for our large-scale mixed-media project based workshop. Prepare to do some transformative magic as we take everyday images and change them into iconic mixed media masterpieces. Bring your assortment of personal symbols, imagery and that box of ephemera that you’ve been collecting and we will incorporate them into your canvas elevating them from the ordinary to the extraordinary as we explore many sophisticated techniques for creating our deeply symbolic multilayered collage. We will use several methods, mediums and techniques for seamlessly merging otherwise unrelated imagery into a unified composition that will allow us to create modern day icons of our own.Andrea 2

Materials to bring:

  • 4’ X 2’ of unstretched canvas (primed/gesso on one side)

  • Paper, ephemera and collage items, think carnival textures and symbols and bring your favourites (Flowers, tentacles, butterflies, spiders, wings, numbers, swords, words, extra eyes, hands…anything you love, tissue paper, old sewing patterns, lace, handmade papers, old letters, text from an old book….you get the idea) Sections of beautiful and/or textured wallpapers make great backgrounds (try home depot and other home décor stores for remnants)

**One of the most IMPORTANT things is to remember the scale that we are working on is BIG so have some of your images photocopied large!

  • Photocopies of faces – magazines, vintage photos (**faces should fill the space of an 8½X11 sheet of paper) bring a few to choose from and have them copied onto glossy paper if possible (I’ll have some extras just in case) If you have a favourite face you want to use, bring two copies of it so you feel free to really explore without worry

  • Paint – Golden Acrylics fluid or heavy body (white, black, and any blue, red, and yellow, plus a couple more of your favorites) In addition to the standard stuff some of my favorites – Indian Yellow Hue, Dairylide Yellow, Green Gold, Pthalo Blue, Pyrole Red, Van Dyke Brown, Titan Buff, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Azurite Hue and Pthalo turquoise)

  • Paintbrushes – bring just a few in different sizes (at least one larger and a couple of detail brushes)

  • Palette & Water Container

  • Paper towel

  • Golden Matte medium – large 16oz. (should sound “syrupy” when you shake the bottle)

  • Golden Soft Gel Gloss – small size

  • Scissors and/or exacto knife with cutting matte

  • Your usual marking making tools (pencils, markers, etc.)




Michael deMeng

Michael deMeng

June 15 & 16, 2014
9:30 to 4:30
Single Workshop $240/person
after April 30, 2014 - $290/person
San Juan Island Grange in Friday Harbor

Both Mythological Icons and Wand of Protection workshops

June 13-16, 2014 - $440/person


The Wand of Protection

the eye wand

Recently I was commissioned to create a wand of protection for a friend. I should mention that this person had a physical ailment that traditional medical methods proved futile. She ended up using byproduct of honey, which almost magically, cured her condition. As a gesture of thanks to the bees (whom she saw as her saving force) she decided to take up beekeeping to honor her insect friends. The problem was, however, that she was deathly allergic to these little pollinating pals. So the wand of protection she asked me to create, was to protect her from bee stings when she when on her apiarian expeditions. Of course, this creation is strictly metaphoric and was not intended to be a giant EpiPen. Rather it is a psychological symbol that helped her to overcome her fears, a symbolic shield, that would help her nurture the bees that nurtured her.

We all have mental monsters to defeat, so it seemed to me that everyone might needs a magical wand of protection now and again; something to give us a little psychological boost when we need it the most. So in this workshop, using objects and symbols important individual, participants are going to create magical wand to help them make those troubles disappear. This will be done incorporating a combination of painting, sculpture and assemblage.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALLwand shrine

Since this is a two day workshop you will also have time to create a case, stand or shrine for Wand of Protection.

And with a wave of your wand your troubles will vanish…fingers crossed. Abracadabra!

Materials to bring:

  1. Aves Apoxie Clay ¼ lbs or more (contact www.avesstudio.com if you have any problem locating this product. They sell direct or will tell you about local suppliers)

  2. Something to make your wand from. This could be anything from a stick, to a baton, to rolling pin, to a broken curling iron.

  3. Something that can be used to house your wand. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. A long narrow box or case

    2. A plaque or shrine

    3. A candle holder…in fact if you used a candelabra you could make a stand for more than one wand.

    4. A baguette tray

    5. A block of wood that can be adorned

  4. Variety of other found objects that might be interesting additions. Items like watch parts, gears, typewriter parts….just about anything, really. Look for things that are interesting shapes or designs.

  5. More recommendations for found objects: Old rings, or napkin holders that could be slide over you wand as a decorative element.

  6. Paint Brushes (a couple small detail brushes, and some cheap brushes (1/2 inch to 1 inch in size)

  7. Wire a couple of different gauges

  8. DAP KWIK SEAL Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk (White) – small tube (this can be found in hardware stores.

  9. Paints: Acrylic (Golden brand -preferably fluids – the tubes and jars will work too, the colors are the key)

    1. Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold,

    2. TitaniumWhite,

    3. Carbon or Mars Black,

    4. Van Dyke Brown

    5. Pthalo Blue

    6. Transparent Brown Iron Oxide.

  10. Optional Paints

    1. Nickel Azo Yellow

    2. Azurite Hue

    3. Quinacridone Magenta

    4. Permanent Violet

    5. Interference or Iridescent colors (metallic colors)

  11. E6000 adhesive

  12. Optional Things to bring

    1. Heat gun

    2. Dremel with cut off wheel and engraving bit

    3. Stamps or objects with interesting design patterns (these can be used to press patterns in the clay)


Dayle Deroshow

Dayle Deroshow

November 1 & 2, 2014
10:00 to 5:00
Workshop Price: $240/person
after Sept 15, 2014 - $290/person
Location TBD


Timeless Treasures
- Exploring Polymer Clay

Timeless Treasures

In this spirited hand-on workshop explore the versatile, exciting, and playful possibilities using polymer clay to create antique and twenty-first century wearable treasures and embellishments for your art. The clay can be carved, etched, printed on, painted, transferred onto, textured, and much more with stunning results. The only tools necessary are a few household items, your hands and your imagination.  We will cover a jambalaya of techniques including making imitative ivory and several ways to transfer images onto the clay.  The satisfying and surprisingly easy art of carving the clay and embossing, texturing and stamping designs into the clay will open up a world of ideas to incorporate into your work.  You will learn how to beadsdesign sheets of clay that look like old ivory and beautiful fabrics- ikats, batik, tapestry, weavings and brocades.  Out of these “fabrics’ you will make buttons, beads, baubles, pendants, earrings and brooches. The mission of the workshop will be to brainstorm and support your designs and ideas.  Polymer clay techniques include working with metallic clays, patinas and paints and a cornucopia of other techniques. Our work will be inspired by the imagery and art work of ancient and far away cultures. Leave the workshop with fresh vision and boundless ideas!




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